Marco’s Story


Marco was born just before Christmas 2006. He was a very quiet, placid baby who loved routine. He was very attached and affectionate but also engrossed in his own thoughts, extremely happy in his own company.

His speech developed on time and he could communicate to meet his basic needs, but seemed baffled by the concept of conversation.

His differences became clear when placed in a group setting. He was much more interested in books and maps than play, ignoring the children at preschool and examining the environment in detail instead.


I was given Daphne’s name by another parent at school, rushed straight home to phone her and our piano journey began. As Marco mastered control of his fingers, his attention span grew and he quickly progressed through the Suzuki books and on to AMEB exams. Daphne seemed to be able to unlock what was innately there and we soon discovered Marco’s perfect pitch and synesthesia (experiencing colours with sound) which was very exciting.

The opportunities Daphne has provided for Marco to perform at concerts has been invaluable for his self esteem. He has performed many times at school assemblies and soirées which has earned him much respect amongst his peers, even though he still doesn’t  talk to them. This new-found confidence has enabled him to join the school band and choir and even take up the euphonium – playing in the junior brass ensemble.

Marco’s daily piano practice is something we both enjoy. He has slowly overcome his perfectionism and fear of making mistakes. Playing the piano is a great expressive outlet for him.


Piano lessons have opened many doors for Marco. He has recently been offered a place at a Eltham High on music grounds following a piano audition. Becoming a member of the musical community at high school will hopefully give him a sense of belonging and socialisation. We are hoping that taking VCE music will be an achievable goal in the future.

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