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Enabling students with disabilities and/or diverse learning needs to flourish through music

Training music teachers and therapists to cater to the unique abilities of their students, using Daphne Proietto’s ‘Pro Method’ of piano teaching

Bringing together children, parents and teachers to share their knowledge, their experience and the joy of music


The Keys of Life Foundation wants to link children with diverse learning needs and/or disabilities and their families to music teachers within the Keys of Life community.

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The Keys of Life Foundation offers professional development courses to suitably qualified teachers and music therapists in Daphne’s techniques of teaching children with diverse learning needs.

After completing the course there’s an opportunity to become a part of the Keys of Life community.

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Teaching students with diverse learning needs and/or disabilities

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The KOL training is a genuinely unique learning opportunity for instrumental music teachers of all levels of experience and expertise. The training is delivered in a relaxed, collaborative and engaging format, all underpinned by Daphne Proietto’s quite remarkable passion for young people with autism and the power of music to foster learning and personal growth. The training draws heavily on participants’ professional experiences as well as building learning relationships with Daphne’s own amazing students. Much of the learning occurs through firsthand observation of Daphne at work as well as participating in a range of practical activities. The time commitment is significant, but the rewards are commensurate.
The inspiration you all provided – your passion was outstanding.
Having the guidance of how the brain works helped understand the complexity of Autism
At the Keys of Life Training course expect to receive the key to learning. This key will open your world to teach music to children with special needs in a profound way. Daphne is a treasure chest of inspiring stories, resources of gold, a wealth of knowledge and mind-blowing practical examples on how these children learn. Combined with the various guest lecturers including Joe Proietto, Professor Emeritus, Department of Medicine (Austin Health) University of Melbourne and Child Psychologist, Enza Santangelo this well rounded and balanced training truly is an optimal environment for teacher learning. I was also delighted to be welcomed into the Keys of Life community including Daphne’s students and their families along with a new group of teachers connecting with the same dream. The training I received from Daphne has exceeded my expectations and has been a blessing to both myself and my students.
I loved the information on the science of the brain and the wisdom and demeanour of Daphne with students
Daphne sharing her experience. The positivity of everyone involved in KOL.
Thank-you so very much for helping me get to the place I am at the moment. Thank you again Daphne for all you have done for me.
John Keuneman (Student of Daphne's studying at the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University)
Combining Joe’s research and easy to follow explanations with Daphne’s hands on approach was really helpful
It was so great to see the students perform after hearing about their journey.
Reinforcement of the need to be calm, respectful and sensitive to every student.
Daphne, thank-you for the wonderful gift of music you have given to our family. Michael loves playing the piano and we couldn't be more delighted with what you have both achieved.
Caroline Chan Parent
Combining Joe’s research and easy to follow explanations with Daphne’s hands on approach was really helpful
Fly high Miss Daphne. You are an inspiration.
Belinda Hughes Parent
Watching the students gave me a great sense of joy
Loved the background brain info from Joe giving context, meaning, a great depth of understanding.

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Daphne Proietto featured in a Channel 9 segment, describing how Daphne’s program connects with and builds children with autism.

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The PRO Method

Like all good teaching pedagogy it is a combination of many different ideas and practices. Pioneered by Daphne Proietto, it draws on the aural fundamentals of the Suzuki method and her studio piano teaching experience to explore and realize the unique skills that a lot of diverse-learning-needs children have.

It concentrates on:

  • Developing good fine motor skills
  • Fostering a musical ear and awareness of pitch
  • Working closely with each individual student’s strengths and behavioral traits to enhance the enjoyment and success of music making

About Daphne Proietto

Daphne started teaching students with diverse learning needs and disabilities at her home in the year 2000. Word quickly travelled around musical circles that she was producing amazing outcomes for autistic children using her innate knowledge of the skills that some of these children possess i.e. perfect pitch, excellent memory.

Her work often concentrates on basic motor skills early on and bringing the child to an awareness of their aural skills. Daphne also concentrates enormously on building a rapport not only with the child but with the family as well, emphasizing that most of the work is done at home and that the parents need to be involved in their child’s musical development.

Daphne has extended her work to include children who have many different disabilities. The deep mutual respect she and her students have for one another is testament to her immense success as a teacher and mentor.

Her concerts simply have to be experienced to be understood. They are a great, joyous celebration of humanity. Her students, some of whom have to deal with enormous social and physical issues, come up to the piano, bow to the audience and then proceed to perform with a level of calmness and concentration that leaves the audience gobsmacked.

One of Daphne’s concerts was featured on 60 Minutes in 2015, and the need to develop teachers with skills embodied by the PRO method became very apparent when Daphne was inundated with calls from parents after the airing of the show. Daphne has never received any payment for her work and is fast approaching retirement age. The many families she has helped would love to see her work continue and thus Keys of Life was born.

Keys of Life performances
Photo of Daphne Proietto teaching, by Herald Sun
Keys of Life on stage
Keys of Life student performances

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